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Galvanised Steel Bird Spikes

Bird Spike (another name is wall spike) system is a very cost effective fencing toppings usually made of galvanized steel for scaling fences, walls, roof's & gates. The system which can be rapidly installed to existing structures can maximize your sites security with ease.

The lengths of razor style bird spikes or wall spikes come in 1.45 metre & 1.8 metre lengths and can be cut to length for the more complex installs.

 Ideal for protecting Low Roofs, Walls, Fence Toppings, Schools, Medical Centers and Public Buildings


Common Specification:
(1) hot-dipped  galvanized and electro galvanized, or PVC coated.
(2) spike thickness:0.8mm-3mm
(3) length of per piece: 50cm, 64cm, 100cm,etc. 


Advantage of Using Bird/Wall Spikes:
Virtually impossible to climb over
Heavily ribbed for strength
Galvanized against corrosion
Powder coating optional
Double row of barbed wall spikes
Easy to Install
Maintenance free


 Applications: Razor wire bird spikes are mostly used as following:

Perimeter Walls

  • Gates + Fences
  • Building roofs
  • Upgrade electric fences by fitting Razor 11 under the fence.
  • Domestic, Industrial, Commercial, Military, Correctional Security.
  • Galvanized Mild Steel Bird Spikes Razor Wire Bird Spikes Razor-shape Bird Spikes
    Galv. Bird Spikes for Gates Spikes for Perimeter Roofing Fencing Non-Climb Bird Spike/Wall Spikes
    for Residential Area and Public Buildings