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Shark Tooth Wall Spike

Safety & High Security add-on to: * Existing brick walls * Concrete walls * Pre-cast walls * Wall extension panels * Palisade Fences * Gates * Ground blockades * Carports * Window sills * etc.


• Easy to install (with 3 bolts or screws)
• Fully galvanized (for long lasting corrosion protection)
• Inexpensive*
• Impossible to bend
• Extremely sharp (penetrates nearly everything)
• Many applications (see above)
• Comfortable to transport (size: 1500 x 58 x 35mm)
• Light weight (1.4 kg per unit)
• Long teeth (up to 58mm)
• Impossible to hang on or to cover
• Highly deterrent


  img Wall Spikes img Plastic Wall Spikes img Wall Spike Fence
  img Stainless Steel Wall Spikes img Security Spike img Castle Wall Spikes
  img Shark Tooth Wall Spike img Wall Spike Topping img Wall Spike Security System
  img Anti Climb Spikes img Barbed Wire img Razor Wire
  img Palisade Fences img Chain Link Fence